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10 E-Scooters Community & Group Every Scooter Enthusiast Should Join

Are you looking for E-scooters enthusiasts that share the same passion as you? The same problems, concerns and pleasure as you. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will list 10 e-scooters community that we have hand-picked and carefully reviewed. As e-scooters is a growing trend and becoming … Read more

Xiaomi Mi M365 Review

Premium Personal Transporter Xiaomi Mi M365 Review The Mi M365 is a responsive scooter that is perfect for beginners, coming with narrow handlebars that make it easy to glide through cars in traffic. The handlebar has comfortable non-slip handles, while the 8.5-inch wheels are perfect for quick acceleration. Responsive scooters need good brakes to stay … Read more

Hoverboards Buying Guide: Things you Must Know Before Buying

A guide to help individuals choose the right hoverboard.   Hoverboards sparked attention back in 2015 amongst the younger generations through medias such as “Vine” (a short-form of video hosting service).  As a result of their popularity, many manufacturers noticed their promising market and ventured quickly into producing hoverboards. However, more manufacturers equals to more … Read more