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Xiaomi Mi M365 Review

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Xiaomi Mi M365 Review

The Mi M365 is a responsive scooter that is perfect for beginners, coming with narrow handlebars that make it easy to glide through cars in traffic. The handlebar has comfortable non-slip handles, while the 8.5-inch wheels are perfect for quick acceleration. Responsive scooters need good brakes to stay safe; for that reason, it comes with a front and rear dual braking system that gives the scooter a stop distance of 4 meters on a dry surface. This scooter also comes with a cruise control feature for comfortable riding over long distances. 

Electric scooters are becoming a big part of the transportation industry, gaining popularity among consumers at an exponential rate. Companies release new models regularly, which makes the market grow rapidly, and, as a result, the choice becomes even more difficult for customers. 

This article aims to thoroughly review the Xiaomi Mi M365, a scooter that has gained attention due to its capacities and its key components.

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Prefer to watch than read? We’ve got our complete Xiaomi Mi M365 review here:

Xiaomi Mi M365 Key points

  1. According to the 2018 r/ Electric Scooter Survey, the most popular electric scooter ranked is the Mi M365.
  2. It obtained rave reviews and ranked third, beating the pricier Dualtron ULTRA and Spider scooters.
  3. It has excellent durability and outstanding features such as Bluetooth, pneumatic tires, and rear disc brakes.
  4. It is both made of aircraft-grade aluminum, meaning that it is made of a durable and quality material.
  5. It is built for the tech-savvy, coming with iOS and Android apps that can keep tabs on different components such as the battery condition, speed levels, cruise control, etc.


  • The Mi M365 has a simple and well-constructed scooter design.
  • Great maneuver controls and great stability
  • User-friendly mobile application
  • Beginner-friendly; easy to learn and control
  • Great speed levels; could go fast, yet not enough to lose balance.


  • Though the scooter is easily foldable, it weights 12.25 kg, meaning that it is slightly on the heavy side, and would be hard to carry around. 
  • Flat tires could happen from time to time.

Why did M365 Owners buy the Xiaomi M365 Specifically?

Recently, in one of the Facebook group we’re part of, a member ran a poll asking M365 owners: “Why did they choose to buy the Xiaomi M365?“. 

Here are the poll results (votes):

  1. Value for Money: 141
  2. Product Quality: 41
  3. Xiaomi Brands: 29
  4. Easy Tuning: 11
  5. Appearance: 10

Xiaomi Mi M365 Mobile Application

The Mi M365 has an astonishing user interface. It looks and feels like a futuristic application. When opened, it shows the speedometer, the average speed, and the remaining mileage. Another available feature is the option to update your firmware directly with the app.

Here is a video that shows the sturdiness of the Xiaomi Mi M365 :

Test Driving

The following test was designed to determine how well the Xiaomi Mi M365 handled unstable surfaces:

Slippery surface:


Normal roads:


Rocky trails:





The Mi M365 is worth it, and here’s why :

  1. The Mi M365 is offered at a reasonable price (check price above) compared to the rest of the market.
  2. Parts are easily accessible and replaceable. 
  3. The product is simple, yet well-built and will last you for a good three years of extensive use. By then, you will need to change the battery.


19 miles (30 km)
Mi M365
IP Rating
Maximum speed:
16 mph (25 km/h)
12.25 kg (27 lb)
Max rider weight:
100 kg (220 lb)
Height range:
3.9" - 6.5"

Note: This is a technical term, if you’re not interested, you can jump to the next part.

The IP Rating marks how resistant the product is to extreme weather.

The first (5; in this case) and second digit (4) represent how resistant the object is, respectively, to solid items and liquid solutions.

The scooter is protected from limited dust ingress, meaning it will be able to absorb a little bit of dust without being completely dustproof, and it is protected from water spray.

Available directly at or on their Amazon products page.



The Xiaomi Mi M365 has an excellent grip, making it easy to control the scooter’s handles. It remains stable on straight lines and smooth turns. 

Speed Settings on the Mi M365

The Xiaomi Mi M365 has two speed settings: low and high. 


The Xiaomi Mi M365 comes with a dual braking system, featuring a rear disc brake and a front regenerative brake. The rear disc brake system is the best braking system for scooters. 


It is powered by a 250W motor hub located at the front, with 500W peak power output.

Battery Life & Charging 

The Xiaomi Mi M365 comes with a 18650 lithium-ion battery with a 280 Wh capacity and power consumption of 1.1 kWh per 100 km. A full charge requires 5 hours. The scooter’s energy recovery system can convert kinetic power into electrical energy if you brake when moving downhill. The battery can last for up to three years since it is a high-quality lithium-ion battery that can take between 500 to 1000 charge cycles.

Battery protection & safety 

Xiaomi has protected and secured their batteries through the following ways: 

  1. Short circuit protection 
  2. Overcurrent protection 
  3. Double overcharge protection
  4.  Double over-discharge protection 
  5. Temperature exception protection 
  6. Under voltage automatic sleep 

Ride Quality 

Although the Mi M365 doesn’t have suspension, the ride quality is outstanding. However, it is not qualified for off-roading.

Design and Build Quality 

The Mi M365 is an elegant and well-designed. The deck is non-slip, the controls are simple, and it is easy to fold. There is no built-in display, but one can control it through the mobile app via Bluetooth.

The Xiaomi Mi M365 is NOT waterproof. It can take a little bit of water-dripping, but it is not recommended to ride it in the rain, even if it is just a light drizzle. It could potentially lead the device to malfunction.


It comes with a front and rear light that are fully functional, but additional lighting would be recommended for night riding. 


The accelerator is on the right handlebar, while the left handlebar comes with a handbrake that controls the disc brake and the regenerative brake. There’s also a bell on the left handlebar, while the center has LED lights showing the battery power. The power button also controls all of the other scooter features. They can also be controlled via a mobile application.


The Xiaomi Mi M365 is durable, and portable. It is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, weighting a total of 12.25 kg (25 lb), and can be easily folded within seconds. When it is folded, the dimensions are 43″ x 17″ x 19″. It has a secure and robust locking system. 


The scooter comes with air-filled 8.5-inch tires that are prone to flats but excellent for absorbing small stones and bumps to improve the ride quality. Things like proper inflation, tire liners, and tire slime can reduce the occurrence of flats.

Software Lock/Anti-Theft System

The Mi M365 will lock itself and start to ring if anyone tries to steal it. It also has a feature which sends you a warning on your cellphone.

Want more information on the Xiaomi Mi M365? Check them out on Amazon or


The Xiaomi Mi M365 is one of the best scooters in its price range and the perfect option for small commutes. It is durable, fast, and comfortable.

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